10 Cgpa Full Form in Hindi and English

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is a grading system that is widely used in educational institutions to assess the overall academic performance of students. The CGPA is calculated by summing up the grade points earned in each subject and dividing it by the total number of credits. A CGPA of 10 signifies outstanding performance, indicating that a student has consistently scored the highest possible grades in all subjects. It is considered a great achievement and showcases a student’s exceptional dedication and hard work towards their studies.

10 Cgpa Full Form in English

1. CGPA – Cumulative Grade Point Average

2. CGPA – Central Groundwater Planning and Management Authority

3. CGPA – Comprehensive Geriatric Patient Assessment

4. CGPA – Center for Government and Public Affairs

5. CGPA – Common Grade Point Average

6. CGPA – Chronic Generalized Periodontitis Assessment

7. CGPA – Clean and Green Pakistan Authority

8. CGPA – Certified Global Professional Accountant

9. CGPA – Coaster Geophysical Processing Application

10. CGPA – Council for Graduate Programs in Administration

10 Cgpa Full Form in Hindi

1. सीजीपीए – समन्वित ग्रेड पॉइंट औसत (सीजीपीए)

2. आड़ सा पीए – आकार और गतिशीलता पीए (आड़ सा पीए)

3. पदार्थिक ज्ञान प्राप्ति अभियान – पदार्थिक ज्ञान प्राप्ति अभियान (पज्ञपा)

4. सामान्य न्यूनताम मानक – साधारित मंद मान (सएम)

5. आत्मसात्मक प्रगती अनुमान मूल्यांकन – आत्मसात्मक प्रगति अनुमान मूल्यांकन (आपम)

6. कला और विज्ञान संगठन – कला और विज्ञान संगठन (कवि)

7. विज्ञान को ज्योति देने वाला तकनीकी अभियान – विज्ञान को ज्योति देने वाला तकनीकी अभियान (विज्ञांत)

8. खेल एवं स्वास्थ्य प्रगति बचत योजना – खेल एवं स्वास्थ्य प्रगति बचत योजना (केसीपी)

9. हैकेथॉन प्रमुख अभियान – हैकेथॉन प्रमुख अभियान (हेमप)

10. विद्युतीकरण और उर्जा संयंत्र – विद्युतीकरण और उर्जा संयंत्र (विध्रा)


In conclusion, the term “CGPA” stands for “Cumulative Grade Point Average” in English and “कुल ग्रेड प्वाइंट औसत” (Kul Grade Point Ausat) in Hindi. It is a numerical representation of a student’s academic performance, calculated by averaging the grade points earned in different subjects over a certain period of time. CGPA is widely used in educational institutions as a measure to assess students’ overall academic progress. It helps to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s educational achievements and serves as a benchmark for further studies or career opportunities. CGPA plays a crucial role in determining scholarships, admission into higher education institutions, and even job placements. It serves as a valuable tool for both students and institutions to monitor and assess academic excellence.