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This tutorial offers a comprehensive look at TopFollow, a social media app to help you amass followers on your various accounts. In today’s digitally connected age, social media plays an important role in our daily lives. Popular social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have taken the world by storm. Especially for the youth, Instagram stands out as it is a platform for gaining visibility by sharing pictures and videos.

Instagram rose in popularity when it integrated Reels, a function that enables users to produce and post short videos, spruced up with background music, filters, and effects. Essentially the same as TikTok, this was an attractive option since the latter was restricted in several nations, leaving their inhabitants unable to use it.

The reels feature of Instagram has been hugely successful as there is no other social media platform that can rival it. Creators on the app spend their time diligently producing reel videos in the hope of them becoming viral and their follower base increasing, leading to fame on the app. Despite putting effort into using the correct hashtags and making sure the content is of high quality, many users find their videos don’t get the desired traction to get their account to grow.

If your videos aren’t garnering the attention you hoped for, your account’s followers likely won’t rise either. However, it’s possible to exponentially grow your Instagram followers without much effort. I understand you’ve probably tried every conceivable tactic, but I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and effortlessly your posts and reels can become popular.

Do you want to effortlessly increase your Instagram followers and make your post and Reels videos go viral? Look no further than TopFollow! This post will answer all your queries about TopFollow, and even teach you how to use it by downloading the TopFollow Apk. Ready to skyrocket your followers? Let’s get started!

What Is TopFollow App?

TopFollow is a coin-based Android app designed to help users grow their followers and likes on social media. To collect coins, the app provides users with tasks they must complete, such as following other users. Once they have completed the task, they are rewarded with coins which can be used to boost the followers on their social media accounts.

As I have mentioned previously, coins are vital; however, if you would like to obtain more than 300 coins without charge, you can use my referral code (6BC39AB9). Through the Refer and Earn Coins feature on the Top Follow app, your friend will receive at least 100 coins when using your code and you will acquire 10% of the coins that your friend spends per order.

With this app, the tedious task of coin collecting is effortless. It offers an Auto Follow feature to increase coins in an instant. If you wish to get a TopFollow App Referral code, join our Telegram channel and obtain fresh promo codes daily to get complimentary coins.

Is TopFollow App Safe?

You may be questioning whether this app is safe to use or not. This is a common concern, considering that the internet is flooded with applications that claim to increase your Instagram followers, but in actuality steal your data or even hack your account. In order to protect yourself, it is advised to trust only apps available on the Google Play Store, since these are checked and certified as being harmless.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t find TopFollow App on the Google Play Store; this application is entirely safe and reliable, evidenced by its large userbase of over 14.5 million downloads. With such a strong track record, there’s no need to hesitate to use this TopFollow app.

While you may encounter TopFollow mode APK on the internet claiming to grant you unrestricted coins and followers, do not be fooled by this modified version, as it is unsafe. If you are looking to download the official TopFollow APK, click the button below or visit the TopFollow website.

Details And Requirements

Application Name TopFollow App
User Rating  
Size 4.0Mb
Version V4.4
Format Apk File 
Offered By TopFollow. App
Category Social
Downloads 14,525,753+
Requires Android  5.0 And Up 
Price Free 

How To Download TopFollow App?

In order to obtain the newest version of the TopFollow App, simply click the download button below.

You will shortly be taken to a new page where you will have to wait 15 seconds until your app is available for download.


How To Use TopFollow App?

To begin, open the TopFollow App that you downloaded. This will direct you to the Instagram login page. Insert the username and password for the fake Instagram account and hit the login button to proceed.


After logging into the app, you have to click on the Free Coins button.


Now click on the Codes button below


By entering the referral code (6BC39AB9) and pressing the SEND button, you can receive 300+ coins as a complimentary gift.


If you desire to manually collect coins, simply click on the START button, and your coins will automatically begin gathering.


Once you’ve amassed the coins, hit the Followers button below and type in the username for your Instagram account. Click OK to complete the process.


Now you have to select the number of followers here and click on the GET button.


You must click the ‘Yes’ button to validate the purchase of the followers once requested.


Now you have to click on the OK button, After ordering you will get your followers within few minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the TopFollow app?

You can download the TopFollow app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply search for “TopFollow” and download the app on your device.

Is the TopFollow app free to download?

It depends on the app developer’s pricing policy. Some apps may be free to download but require in-app purchases to unlock certain features. You should check the pricing details before downloading the app.

How can I update the TopFollow app?

To update TopFollow, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the app. If there is an update available, you will see an “Update” button. Click on it to start the update process.

What features does the TopFollow app offer?

The TopFollow app is designed to help you increase your Instagram followers. It offers features like auto followers, auto likes, auto comments, and auto unfollows. However, it’s important to note that using these features may go against Instagram’s terms of service and could potentially result in your account being suspended or banned.

Is it safe to use the TopFollow app?

Using third-party apps to gain Instagram followers is not recommended, as it could result in your account being suspended or banned. Additionally, these apps may ask for access to your personal information, which could compromise your privacy and security. It’s always best to follow Instagram’s guidelines and grow your following organically.


For the last 6 months, I have been using this app to increase my Instagram followers and have found it much more reliable than other apps of its kind. I can vouch for its effectiveness – if you follow the steps I outlined, you should be able to get more followers on Instagram too.

After a period of time, the number of followers acquired through this app will decrease, and the account can become blocked while collecting coins. For this reason, it is recommended that a fake account be used instead of the real account when using this app. If you experience any difficulties while downloading or installing the TopFollow App (software), please feel free to comment and we will do our best to provide prompt assistance. Lastly, we thank you for taking the time to visit our website and downloading the software.

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